Unchanged budget adopted

After just six submissions were received regarding the 2018-19 Council Budget Fees and Charges, the budget was adopted unchanged last month.

After being put out for public exhibition at the May ordinary council meeting, the proposed council budget was adopted by Central Goldfields Shire administrators, with chief administrator Noel Harvey saying he was “disappointed” with the number of submissions received about the budget.

“I think that there is some work we need to do to engage and encourage our community to have some comments,” he said.

The submissions requested clarification on areas including funding for footpaths, recreational reserve fees and charges, flood mitigation works and waste charges. No changes were required to be made to the budget as a results of the submissions.

The budget includes a rate increase of 2.25 percent, in line with the State Government’s Fair Go Rates System. The proposed increases to the Waste Management Fee of $10 and to the Recycling Charge of $35, which council say is in direct response to the recycling crisis following the Chinese ban on 24 types of recyclable materials, were adopted.

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