Stolen utes submerged in creek

Police are appealing for public assistance after two vehicles were stolen in Inglewood last week and later found dumped in the Loddon River. Both vehicles were severely damaged during the incident and will be written off.

Police are appealing for public assistance after a burglary and theft that left two utes submerged in a river at Inglewood over the weekend, leaving a damage bill of over $100,000.

One of the vehicles is barely visible, while the second was fully submerged.

Police have been told two vehicles parked in Hospital Street had their windows smashed and property stolen sometime between 11 pm on Friday, June 15 and 7 am on Saturday, June 16.

On the same night, two cars were stolen from a recreational depot on Southey Street, sometime between 2 am and 3 am.

Tools and equipment were stolen from a white Holden Colorado utility and a white Isuzu Dmax utility.

Both vehicles were then located submerged in the Loddon River at the Bridgewater-Serpentine Road in Serpentine on Saturday about 11 am.

Goldfields Crime Investigation Unit detectives are investigating and believe the two incidents are linked due to their close timing.

For more on this story see Page 7 of The Advertiser, Friday, June 22

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