Carisbrook committee unveils plans to overhaul facilities

Carisbrook Football Netball Club president, Troy Driscoll and Lady Redbacks co-coaches, Holly Beavis and Kate Kile, look at the proposed plans for the reserve upgrade.

The Carisbrook Recreation Reserve committee has launched bold plans to upgrade the reserve’s facilities to serve as a multi-purpose community centre.

New flexible change rooms for both players and umpires, a new trainers room, new public toilets and a new multi-purpose room built for teleconferencing are among the

plans put forth by the Carisbrook Recreation Reserve committee.

President of the Carisbrook Football Netball Club and the reserve’s committee, Troy Driscoll, said that the current facilities are “not good enough.”

“It’s a solid building but it’s fairly ordinary inside,” he said.

“The facilities are extremely poor and anyone who has been there

would acknowledge that. The change rooms were built in the 50s or 60s, so you can imagine what they’re like.”

Driscoll is worried that if the facilities aren’t upgraded, their condition might deter players and their families from coming to Carisbrook, especially with the new addition of its female football sides.

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