Passalick picks up rare albatross

Anthony Passalick celebrates his albatross next to the Maryborough Golf Clubʼs first hole where he pulled off the rare feat.

A hole-in-one is considered one of the rarest achievements that can be made on the golf course, but compared to what Anthony Passalick just pulled off, a one-stroke ace is almost considered commonplace.

The 45-year-old Maryborough resident recently scored an incredibly rare albatross on the Maryborough Golf Course’s par five first hole in a Tuesday stroke round.

For those not familiar with golf terminology, an albatross is the moniker given to the situation when a golfer finishes a hole three shots under par.

Passalick did just that earlier this month, completing the 450-metre first hole in just two strokes.

It is believed that the albatross is just the second ever to be scored at Maryborough Golf Course, following a hole-in-one scored on a par four around seven years ago.

A long drive that left him around 160 metres from the pin set up Passalick’s albatross, with a fine five-iron shot that landed just before the green and took a kind bounce sealing the grand achievement.

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