Clues continue to be found in mine search for Terry Floyd

The search crewʼs most recent finds include two round brass buttons and a press stud, with Daryl Floyd saying the small finds are significant in his search for his brother’s Terry.

A series of small “promising” finds in the gravel of the bottom of the Morning Star mine has brought more hope of closure to the family of missing boy Terry Floyd.

Twelve-year-old Terry was last seen on the Pyrenees Highway between Avoca and Maryborough on June 28, 1975 and is believed to have been abducted.

Daryl said the original description his mother had given at the time of Terry’s disappearance was that he was wearing a dark brown jumper, a green shirt, black cardigan with red piping, a brown Levi jacket and red heeled shoes.

“These round brass buttons look to be from that Levi jacket, I used to wear that jacket and I’m very familiar with it,” he said.

“We’re not finding anything else. The only things we’re finding among all this rubble are things that are connected to what Terry was wearing. It’s not like we are finding bags of shoes or clothes or anything like that.”

Items Daryl Floyd has found in the gravel of the Avoca mine, including brass buttons, shoelace eyelets, a chain necklace, a piece of cardigan sleeve and the top of a leather shoe (replica also pictured). The items all match the description of clothes Terry was wearing the day he went missing.

For more on this story see Page 4 of The Advertiser, Friday, April 13.

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