Rail Revival Alliance to keep country passenger rail on political agenda

While the State Government is calling on the Federal Government to play ball and release Regional Rail Revival funding to upgrade every passenger line across the state, the Rail Revival Alliance Victoria is rallying to keep regional rail on the political agenda to ensure services are improved.

Rail Revival Alliance Victoria president Noel Laidlaw said the alliance was keeping all of its options open in terms of the strategies that it will take to keep the issue of country passenger rail squarely before the eyes of the politicians and the public months ahead of the state election, stating all political parties will need to “lift their game”.

“The performance of the government has been at best lack- lustre and uninspired. So much of the state’s transport resources have been chewed up in the rush to get the Level Crossing Removal Plan completed in Metropolitan Melbourne,” he said.

“Much of the money which has been generated by the lease of the Port of Melbourne has been spent on this one project. Country Victoria has seen little of this money and once it has been spent, it will be gone.

For more on this story see the Front Page of The Advertiser, Tuesday, March 13.

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