Maryborough’s sporting community mourns the loss of John “Butch” MacPhie

John “Butch” MacPhie.

Beloved member of the Maryborough sporting community, John “Butch” MacPhie, has been described as the “glue that held the club together” after passing away at the end of last month.

Friends, family and members of the community are mourning the loss of an irreplaceable team member and mate after John passed away suddenly after training at the Maryborough Cricket Club on January 25.

John’s wife, Margaret MacPhie, described his passing after training as “how he would have liked it”. “He went as he would have liked, it’s just that we didn’t want it so soon,” she said.

John was born in Maryborough, but at five years old his family moved to Melbourne.

But John never forgot his roots, and his son Cameron MacPhie said the family would come back to stay at the Maryborough Caravan Park over the Christmas Holidays.

When John retired in 1997, he and Margaret moved to Daisy Hill, and both have been a much-loved part of the community ever since.

He was heavily involved with the Maryborough Cricket Club and Maryborough Football Netball Club, and Cameron described how his father devoted countless hours to both.

“He got involved with the football club straight away and the cricket club about 10 years ago,” Cameron said.

“It was his second home. He enjoyed the comradery and the mateship. He was big on friendship, and took a few boys under his wing and became a life mentor rather than just a sporting mentor.”

According to Cameron, some 500 people attended John’s funeral which was held at the Princes Park grand stand last Thursday.

Margaret said holding the service at the park was the obvious choice.

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