Delly defeats rival Aussie in NBA clash

Matthew Dellavedova has been given a run for his money when he clashed with fellow Australian and rising National Basketball Association (NBA) star Ben Simmons last week.

Dellavedova’s Milwaukee Bucks took on the 21-year-old Simmons’ Philadelphia 79ers last Tuesday in a tight match which saw the Bucks come out on top.

Drafted into the NBA in 2016, the Melbourne-born Simmons won praise during the match for his defensive play against the Bucks’ all-star Giannis Antetokounmo. Simmons finished with 16 points, six rebounds and five assists, however it was an embarrassing encounter with Dellavedova that gave him the most attention.

With four minutes remaining, Dellavedova drove to the hoop, performing an impressive Euro-step to fake out Simmons and get inside for an easy layup. Dellavedova took full advantage of the last quarter and dropped 10 points to give the Bucks a comfortable 107-95 victory, the side’s fourth consecutive win.

Dellavedova was filled with praise for his fellow Aussie, describing Simmons to the Pick and Roll as a “unique player”.

“That size, athleticism and skill. You can tell from the way he is playing that he knows how to play and that’s an underrated aspect of his game,” Dellavedova said.

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