Darren marks 30 years at Asteria

Asteria Servicesʼ Darren Burns, CEO Annie Constable and lead worker, Steve Freeman, are celebrating Mr Burnsʼ three decades of working with the organisation.

For 30 years Darren Burns has been more than just a regular face at Asteria Services.

Avoca’s Mr Burns is celebrating 30 years working in Asteria’s business units and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The stalwart has worked in every business unit Asteria offers including tying strings in abattoirs, packing and stacking books at McPherson’s Printing Group, gardening, car washing and maintenance.

Asteria Services lead worker Steve Freeman believes Mr Burns’ time at Asteria stretches past the 30 years.

“His time at Asteria may even be far longer than that. In his working life, Darren has certainly graced 30 years but as a participant at Asteria Services, it would be far greater,” Mr Freeman said.

“He always puts his hand up and says ‘I’ll have a go at that’. He’s always willing to help out and learn new skills.”

Described as the “unofficial mayor of Avoca”, Mr Burns’ life skills have significantly increased during his time at Asteria, Mr Freeman said.

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