Over loaded extension cord sparks intense fire

It took CFA volunteer firefighters more than half an hour to bring a house fire on Argyle Road under control on Saturday. The blaze, which caused more than $100,000 in damage, completely destroyed the home. The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault.

Fire authorities have expressed their relief that no-one was inside a home which was destroyed by fire on the weekend, labelling the blaze severe enough to prove fatal.

Three CFA units, two from Maryborough and one from Carisbrook, attended the house fire on Argyle Road at approximately 12.10 pm on Saturday but could do little to save the timber structure that was engulfed in flames upon their arrival.

CFA volunteers battled for approximately 40 minutes to bring the fire, believed to be caused by an electrical fault in the rear of the property, under control with the damage bill from the blaze estimated to exceed $100,000.

Incident controller and Mary- borough CFA 2nd Lieutenant, Peter Higgins, said the fire started from an overloaded extension cord.

“There was a lot of stuff running off a 10 amp extension cord. People need to be wary of what they’re running off power points and power boxes,” he said.

“The lead had a couple of connections in the rain. It had two days’ of rain on it, eventually something had to give.”

Lt Higgins said the home’s owner did not reside in the building, but lived in a campervan next to the property.

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