Bail breaches on the rise

The Central Goldfields Shire recorded more than 200 breaches of family violence orders for 2017, a sharp increase from previous years.

According to the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency, a shocking 229 breaches of family violence orders were recorded this year, up from 147 breaches in 2016.

In other results, there were 46 offences committed by offenders on bail in Maryborough which included failure to appear on bail (21 offences), breach of bail conditions (21) and indictable offences (four). In 2016, Maryborough recorded 61 bail offences.

In relation to the rise of family violence orders being breached, Maryborough Police Inspector Paul Gardiner said breaches aren’t necessarily physical or verbal abuse.

“There will be some fairly large multiples. There will be multiple breaches that might have been made via telephone, via email or text messages. These could constitute a large number of offences,” he said.

“There are a lot more orders given by the courts now than what there has been in the last five years so there is a lot more potential for order breaches.

“However, it is very pleasing that the community is reporting these breaches to us. The police are very thorough investigating any breaches but what we’re also finding is that we’re having a reduction in the number of repeat victims when it comes to family violence and we’re slowly having a reduction in recidivist offenders.”

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