Labor names De Santis as candidate for Ripon

The Australian Labor Party has named Sarah De Santis as its candidate to contest the seat of Ripon at next year’s state election.

Sarah De Santis is the Australian Labor Partyʼs candidate for next yearʼs state election for the seat of Ripon.

Last week, Ms De Santis secured Labor ’s preference over Kate Astbury and Maurice Billi who were also vying to be named as candidate.

In the lead up to next year’s state election, to be held on Saturday, November 24, Ms De Santis will go head-to-head with the Liberal Party of Australia’s incumbent Member for Ripon, Louise Staley, in a bid to return the marginal seat of Ripon to Labor.

According to Ms De Santis, a past Ballarat resident who now lives in Beaufort, she put up her hand to be the potential new Member for Ripon because she believes she is in touch with local communities.

“I stood for preselection because I saw that our local Member for Ripon was detached from the needs of the community,” she said.

“A clear example of this is in the renewable energy debate where we can see that towns across Ripon have a tremendous opportunity to benefit from the growth and development of the renewables industry — yet here we have a local MP intent on trashing the investment that supports them.

“When our hospitals, our educational facilities, and our public transport are all in desperate need of upgrades and proper funding, it’s simply unacceptable for our representative to play politics and fight against that funding, then claim it as a victory when it comes through anyway,” she said.

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