Almost 30 drivers caught speeding in grand final weekend blitz

Speeding has topped the list of offences in the Goldfields region and across the state during Victoria Police’s AFL grand final long weekend operation, with 29 speeding offences recorded in the area in just four-days.

With a focus on speed, fatigue, impaired driving, distraction offences and seatbelt compliance, Operation Scoreboard saw almost 4000 motorists fined for using their phones, over 230 not wearing seatbelts and an average of 65 drink drivers and 40 drug drivers detected across Victoria during every day of the safety blitz.

Disappointed with the number of speeding drivers detected in the Goldfields Police Service Area, Central Goldfields Highway Patrol Sergeant Noel Jacobs said it’s frustrating to see that motorists continue to ignore police warnings.

“It is always a concern to see the number of people detected speeding in just four-days, we would obviously like to see a lower number,” he said.

“Despite the end of the operation, we will continue to maintain a strong presence and continue to enforce speed limits.”

Sgt Jacobs said generally driver behaviour throughout the operation was quite good, however a number of motorists continue to speed.

Infringements also recorded by local police during the four-day operation included one unlicensed driver, one seatbelt offence, one mobile phone offence and four unregistered vehicles.

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