Premier promises funding for Terry Floyd search

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has today announced that the State Government will continue to financially support the search for Terry Floyd.

Speaking to Daryl Floyd, who has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars searching for his brother since he disappeared in 1975, Mr Andrews said the funding will ensure the focus of the search remains on finding Terry and not on the money to do so.

“That’s why I promised to Daryl that we would continue to help fund the search and finally bring Terry home,” he said.

“It was an honour to once again touch base with Daryl to discuss recent findings and reiterate our resolve to stand behind him in his search for his missing brother Terry.

“The search for Terry over many decades has touched the hearts of the Victorian community and finding him will give the Floyd family the closure and hopefully the justice they deserve.”

Welcoming the funding, Daryl said he was “overwhelmed” with the support he has received the premier and the State Government.

“Mr Andrews has told me that from this day on that I will no longer have the financial pressure of the search and that the Victorian Government is now going to take care of it,” he said.

“This is a massive weight off my shoulders. The pressures of finances is something that I am always thinking of and the first round of funding that we received and the support from the community and volunteers is what has got us this far and now hopefully we will be able to move forward and get a resolution.”

More in Friday’s edition of The Maryborough District Advertiser.

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