Shoe found in search for Terry Floyd

Daryl Floyd with a replica of the shoe found in the Morning Star mine.

A small leather shoe found in a pile of gravel at the Morning Star mine in Bung Bong could prove to be the catalyst in solving one of Australia’s biggest cold cases.

Twelve-year-old Terry Floyd was last seen on the Pyrenees Highway between Avoca and Maryborough on June 28, 1975 and is believed to have been abducted.

Through countless hours of research, Terry’s brother Daryl Floyd has traced the events of that day and concluded that Terry’s remains are likely hidden within the now disused Morning Star mine.

Years of digging and sifting through piles of rock and dirt has yielded little, but on Thursday a size six leather shoe matching the pair Terry was wearing on the day he went missing was unearthed.

“We’ve found the top half of a leather shoe and given than Terry was wearing leather shoes very similar to this one on the day he went missing, it is quite a significant find,” said Terry’s brother Daryl Floyd.

“I’ve contacted my liaison officer at the cold case squad in Melbourne.

“She’s now aware of it and we’re just waiting on them to see what our next course of action is,” he said.

While yet to be officially identified as Terry’s, Daryl believes the soil the shoe was recovered from was dumped down the mine just years after Terry went missing.

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