Light truck catches fire

A routine trip from Maryborough to Ballarat rapidly turned tense for a light truck driver when his vehicle caught on fire at Daisy Hill last Thursday.

The light tray truck caught alight at about 9.35 am shortly after the driver observed smoke coming out of the bonnet and pulled over on the Maryborough-Ballarat Road.

The truck, which had been travelling to Ballarat, was engulfed in flame after the driver, a Ballarat man, managed to park it on the roadside just after Daisy Hill’s George Cook Road intersection.

For more on this story see Page 3 of The Advertiser — Tuesday, April 29 

One Response to “Light truck catches fire”

  1. RAMBO

    “Tense”? Try “Serious need for brown underwear and a pair of Reeboks” tense! I know. I was the driver! The engine faltered, and as I was coasting off the road, the engine died. Long story short, 20 seconds later I had the bonnet up. 30 seconds after that I was 50m away and the engine bay was an inferno. 60 seconds after that, the cabin was fully ablaze. 2 minutes later, the whole van was just a ball of flame and smoke, with the sounds of the wonderful Maryborough CFA crew coming along the road in the background. If the gentleman in the ute who gave me his fire extinguisher would like it back, leave your contact details with the staff at the Newsagency and they will be happy to pass them on to me.