Talbot to host Celtic concert

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Gentler, folksier and not as militant as the Highland bagpipes is a whole suite of other Celtic pipes.

Those curious to hear exactly what they sound like are about to get a rare chance to do so at close range as Talbot prepares to host its first ever piping weekend.

Next Saturday August 3, The Celtic Piping Club of Australia will present a special concert of Celtic music in the historic Talbot Town Hall.

To fire up from 4 pm, the concert will feature the Taliska Trio as headline act.

Taliska is a five-piece Scottish folk band including Scottish smallpipes, fiddle, guitar and vocals, but is performing as a trio in Talbot.

The group recently released their second album Home … where the music is at the National Celtic Festival.

They’ve played festivals, gigs and weddings across Australia and bring a touch of Scotland anywhere they play.

The Taliska Trio will be supported by a program of quality piping from participants at the first-ever Talbot Piping Weekend.

Celtic pipers from across the state are attending as a chance to get together, socialise, network, work-shop and make music.

They’ll be staying in the town’s Chesterfield House over the weekend.

Among their number is Harrow area farmer and pipe player, Andrew Teusner who visited Talbot last Sunday where The Advertiser caught up with him at the town’s farmers’ market.

At the time Andrew had with him both the Uillean (or Irish) bagpipe and also the Scottish smallpipes.

“They’re a gentle bagpipe rather than in your face,” he said.

“They’re much more a folk instrument rather than suited to a military band.”

Andrew said the upcoming weekend will present a prime chance for those thinking of learning to play the pipes to ask questions.

“I’d just encourage anyone who loves Celtic music to come along and talk to us afterward because we’re only too happy to share our interest in piping,” Andrew said.

“I think we’ll have border pipes and Northumbrian pipes and one guy who might even have some Spanish bagpipes.”

While many associate the bagpipes with the Scots, Andrew said the Scots are by no means the only people to have made bagpipes their own.

“The joke is that the Irish gave them to the Scots and the Scots still don’t get the joke,” he said.

Tickets will be available at the door or pre-purchase via the Celtic Piping Club website www.celticpipingclub.com.

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