Nature and its folly

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Majorca artist Tiffany Titshall has drawn on travels to Spain and on the 360 degree views that surround her home to create Nature’s Folly.

The new exhibition launches at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery in Maryborough tomorrow afternoon.

It features works in charcoal applied over coloured ink.

Tiffany has drawn on techniques developed through former studies in print-making and etching to create dynamic effects of light and shade in the works inspired by landscapes, gardens and the human urge to make gardens and monuments.

“We are constantly struggling with our desire to tame, shape, adorn and inhabit our patch,” the artist says.

“I’ve worked from photos I’ve taken, some from our travels to Madrid and Granada in Spain, and also of the local landscape.

“There’s also one from Paramatta in Sydney where my husband’s family lives.”

Of the 28 works in Nature’s Folly 18 are framed using reclaimed timber salvaged from the kitchen skillion floor of the couple’s Majorca home — the former schoolmaster’s residence — while renovating.

The old Eucalyptus regnans boards “had been used as a dance floor, had seen snakes and lizards crawling over them and a couple of generations of echidnas living under them,” Tiffany says.

“We bought old machinery to mill them up and then we cut, milled, sanded, filled, oiled and waxed them.”

After all that, they then delivered the prepared timbers to Talbot’s Ralph Durr to guillotine mitre and finish the framing process.

Tiffany says the timber’s native colour and patina complement the washed out hue of the pale inks and starkly contrasting charcoals of the works in Nature’s Folly.

“I use water based inks — slightly washed out blues, yellows and oranges, and there’s quite a bit of sepia, under charcoal which gives the shapes and marks and texture,” she says.

“It’s messy but lovely, so basic. It’s such a prime medium.”

Nature’s Folly opens tomorrow at 2 pm and runs until July 14.

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