Cr Rinaldi to lead in 16th year on council

061112 05

Central Goldfields Shire has a new mayor.

Maryborough ward councillor Barry Rinaldi will lead the council for 2012-13, following the recent local government elections.

It will be the Maryborough businessman’s third term as mayor after previously holding the position in consecutive years in 1999-2000 and 2000-01.

“I have a burning desire to participate in the continual development of our shire,” Cr Rinaldi said of his reasons to take on the role of mayor.

Fifteen years after first being elected to council as part of the first elected council for the Central Goldfields Shire — something he notes is without the help of votes from himself or his Carisbrook-based family who vote in the Tullaroop ward — Cr Rinaldi said there were a number of important projects on the go.

“Council as a whole, supported by many experienced and qualified staff, will complete the projects that are in hand,” Cr Rinaldi said.

“One being the development of the former Penney & Lang site.

“A couple of good things for the community are the development of the boardwalk at Lake Victoria and the recreation development of Goldfields Reservoir.”

He also noted improvements to the Maryborough Caravan Park in attracting additional tourism to the region.

Cr Rinaldi said the amount of determination and enthusiasm of the new council has left him with a feeling that they will get stuck into their work immediately.

“Hang on to our shirt tails, we’re off now — not in three months time,” he said was the feeling among the new council.

He said it was important council consider not only the immediate future but the long-term future of the shire and that unemployment remains as a top priority.

The NBN rollout and the development potential of a trade school in Maryborough were things the new mayor will be keeping an eye on in the immediate future.

“We need to be mindful of major industry, particularly McPherson’s and the development of True Foods.”

With increasing costs for energy and water, Cr Rinaldi said the council need to lead the community with methods which by household costs can be reduced and a greater focus on sustainability.

“And be mindful of rate rises,” he said.

After 15 years on council, representing the Maryborough ward, Cr Rinaldi said he still had a desire to sit through some of the projects that are on the go.

“I felt there was a need to consolidate the new council into a dynamic group of strong individuals,” Cr Rinaldi said of the seven person council, that has two new faces in Maryborough ward councillor Wendy McIvor and John Van Beveren representing Paddys Ranges ward.

“It an exciting time,” he said.

“As a dynamic team we can achieve good things.

“In each councillor’s mind is the thought of what will make this shire a better place to live, work and play.”

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