Leadlight is returned

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Some of Maryborough’s most eye-catching central heritage features have been resurrected.

The historic leadlight windows of Marybrough’s original Williams’ Building on the corner of Nolan and High streets have long been a colourful feature of the streetscape.

But when the town’s new Telstra dealer moved in and started setting up shop, a section of the historic feature glasswork was accidentally broken in the process.

While the new business going into the early 1900s Williams’ Building had to meet Central Goldfields Shire Council’s local planning protection requirements, it also had to meet Telstra’s expectations and the guidelines for a commercial operation.

“The original windows were illegal at three millimetres thick,” operator of the new business, Gary McKnight of Leading Edge Telecoms, Maryborough, says.

“The comercial standards are four millimetres.”

After working with both the council and negotiating with Telstra, Gary says the six four-metre long leadlight feature panels that run along the top of the large main shopfront windows have now been restored and refitted “to their former glory”.

Gary said the leadlight feature panels are all to the original design and include some of the original glasswork itself.

“Parts of it have been retained and some of it has been remanufactured,” he said.

“The only place we could find in Victoria that could do it was W.D. Mason Glass in Bendigo.”

As well as restoring and refitting the leadlight panels in their original positions, original heritage style brass frames have also been fitted, while original style black tiles installed below have been made and shipped out from England.

“They are the same size to match the originals,” Gary said.

He said all of the leadlighting had been done by hand with the entire project including windows, brass frames and imported English tiles costing in the order of $50,000.

Last week as the finishing touches were being put in place, the newly restored historic leadlight windows attracted their share of admiring comments from passers-by.

“It looks fantastic. It brightens it up and it looks fresh,” Gary said

“It’s certainly pretty unique for a Telstra dealer.”

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