Coiltek hit by theft

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Thieves hit Maryborough gold detecting business Coiltek last week.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning a group of people gained access to the business located at Drive In Court on the Maryborough-Dunolly Road.

The team of burglars used excessive force to break into the Dunolly Road store and stole four hire gold detectors, one brand new detector, along with some coils and batteries.

The equipment stolen is valued at $30,000.

The gold detecting and supplies store’s workers were shocked and horrified when they heard of the theft.

“It couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” said Mick Porter, an employee of Coiltek.

Being school holidays, it is the ideal time for parents to take their children out gold detecting.

Since the hire gold detectors had already been booked out, Coiltek was forced to quickly search for replacements.

At approximately 3.45 am on Wednesday morning store manager Andrew Gladdis received a phone call from the store’s alarm company saying that multiple alarms from Coiltek were triggered and urged him to call the police.

Mr Gladdis was the first store worker on the scene and was shocked to find what he discovered.

Damage had been dealt to the shop’s front doors where the burglars had broken in.

Although there was no damage to the rest of the store, the repair bill will be high.

This break-in is not the first to occur at Coiltek. There was another burglary five to six years ago, with similar goods stolen.

“They (the burglars) were only in the shop for two or three minutes,” Andrew said.

“They knew what they were after.”

It is believed individuals committing the crime were well prepared for the robbery due to the short amount of time spent in the store.

It is unknown how many offenders were involved.

“They were quick,” said Mark Rowland, another employee of Coiltek.

“There were some people just round the back but by the time they came round, the robbers were already gone.”

Senior Constable Briana Scarff from Maryborough police said the investigations were continuing.

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