Candidates meet and share party views

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Sporting his great grandfather’s war service medals the Country Alliance Party’s candidate for Ripon, Scott Watts, got out among it and mingled with Maryborough on Remembrance Day last week.

Accompanied by the Country Alliance party’s upper house candidate for Western Victoria, Miles Hodge, Mr Watts had a few things to let the residents of Ripon know about himself and his political values.

The two aspirants said their sights are set on scraping up sufficient percentage of the vote in both Ripon and in Western Victoria to give country residents a louder voice among what they view as a city-centric state parliament.

Both currently reside in the Geelong area and Mr Watts, a former small business operator who served for a short time with the navy, said that if successful at the November 27 polls he would immediately relocate his residence to Ripon.

Last Thursday in Ripon heartland, the two attended Maryborough’s Remembrance Day service and chatted with voters before attending last Thursday night’s Ripon candidate Q&A session at Maryborough Education Centre.

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