Tractor ride solution

140910 04

The trip to school for most year 12 students does not usually involve travelling part of the way by tractor.

But that’s precisely what Lachie Steed was forced to do recently when flash floods washed away the bridge to his family’s Bung Bong home.

When heavy rains set in on September 4 and 5, the Steed family were left stranded in their home, perched among the Bung Bong hills, as Bet Bet Creek, which runs virtually straight past the family’s front door, burst its banks.

Lachie’s mother Rachelle, a Bung Bong resident for 28 years, says this month’s floods were the worst she’s seen in her time there.

“Apparently there was quite a big one back in 1955, but this was certainly the highest I’ve seen it get,” she said.

The bridge’s disappearance has left a veritable chasm in the Steed’s driveway.

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