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“Time dims the memory of ordinary events, but not the memory of great events.

“In a nation’s history great events – whether in peace or war – live in our memories regardless of time.

“They are deemed great, not necessarily because of what they achieve or whether they were victories or successes.

“Rather, the great events are distinguished by the quality of the human endeavour; by the example they create for ordinary men and women and by the legends they inspire.

“So it is with Anzac Day.

“On April 25 in 1915, 16,000 Australian and New Zealanders surged ashore at the foot of the Dardanelles Peninsula in Turkey, to open a campaign intended to give allied shipping access to the Black Sea, bring help to Russia and perhaps force Turkey out of the war.

“It was an ill-conceived campaign in pursuit of a vague objective and an under estimation of the military prowess and character of the Turkish soldiers and the tactical advantage that they held.

For the full story, see the current edition of The Maryborough Advertiser.

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