With a VCFL review to be conducted in the region beginning next month, and many football followers bemoaning the state of country footy, as many clubs wallow in financial troubles and face recruiting difficulties, the LPFL board has developed the Goldfields District Football League proposal, which would see up to 19 clubs competing in what is being pitched as “the best district league in the state”.

The LPFL’s decision to approach the VCFL, with the assistance of the Ballarat Central Administration Hub, which oversees both the LPFL and MCDFNL, was brought about by a few home truths being delivered to the league by two clubs, believed to be Natte-Bealiba and Ararat, about where the clubs would be in five years, and whether they would remain in the league at a meeting six months ago.

According to Ballarat Administration Hub CEO, Rod Ward, if the LPFL, which is currently an eight-team league, lost even one club, the league’s viability would come under scrutiny.

The league originally began as an 11 team competition, before it lost Avoca, Dunolly and Landsborough-Marnoo.

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