050110 09

Records were rewritten in 2009 with Maryborough recording its highest daily temperature (45.4¡) on Saturday, February 7, its hottest October day (18.6¡) since 1965 and its coldest August night (-2.8¡) since 1997.

Total rainfall for the year (506.9 millimetres) fell just short of the annual average of 523.8 mm.

No rain fell in January to relieve the five successive searing days when the temperature remained above 40¡.

The last time no rain was recorded in Maryborough in January was in 1930.

Before the heat wave, the city had reached 40¡ on Wednesday, January 14 and recorded a high of 39.8¡ on Tuesday, January 20.

For the full story, see the current edition of The Maryborough Advertiser.

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