Saints Black too strong for Bullets

Sts Black defeated Bullets in a closely contested open men’s match in the Maryborough Highland Society Basketball Association last week.

Bullets shot accurately with B. Krol, Chris Maruca and Kurt Teague all shooting strong three pointer shots. Strong defence kept Bullets in the match.

Sts Blacks’ Jibb Iglesias and Brock Gray played strong offence with fast drives to the basket and good rebounding by Tim Grogan and Dayne Baker helped take their team to a good win.

In other matches, Saints A defeated Tigers, Scribes accounted for Sts Yellow, Avoca beat Bullets Black and Tigers Orange downed Saints B.

In under 16 boys, Bullets won a close game against Saints.

Saints’ Luke Vadala played a great game, top scoring for Saints with strong offensive leads. Hard defence by Jack Shay helped keep Saints in the match.

Bullets’ Sean Bond played a good all round game, top scoring and rebounding strongly, assisted by Peter Wytkamp and Dylan Kelsall also Jayden Passalick in offence Bullets were strong enough to take the points. Scribes defeated Avoca in the other game.

In under 14 boys, Tigers defeated Sts Yellow with both teams playing hard defence.

Saints’ Nathan Maddison and Riley Upton pushed the ball forward scoring in offence and despite good pressure in defence Saints were still unable to stop the fast offensive game of Tigers.

Lewis Cain and Jayden Templeton top scored for Tigers with Jacob Rollason and Jamie Constable playing hard defence, Tigers took out the match.

In other games, Bullets defeated Tigers Black and Squad 12A downed Sts Black

In A women, Tigers defeated Avoca in a fast clean contest.

Both teams played good defence keeping the scoring low. Lucy Walkley and Nicole Hamer worked the ball well in offence keeping Avoca in the game with accurate shooting and only one point separated the teams at half time.

Strong team play kept Tigers in the game, with the girls sharing the ball well. Two three pointer scores by Paige McLean and Shenae Dix sealed the game for Tigers.

In the other encounter, Saints defeated Saints Yellow.

Saints Black defeated Avoca in A reserve women. It was a defensive game and Avoca pushed hard in defence getting into foul trouble in each half.

Sts Blacks’ Jenny Mottram and Carla Hare played good games shooting accurately and strong rebounding.

Brittany Davidson top scored for Avoca with Carla Hare for Saints.

In the other contest, Hawks defeated Saints.

In B/C women, only two points separated the teams when Sts Black defeated Bullets Pink.

Bullets Pink played a strong first half with Sandra Short and Trish Bell scoring well and the team was leading by four points at half time.

Sts Blacks’ Emily Doyle and Jenna Davis played well with strong offence, combined with the accurate shooting of Colby Bryant, saw Saints take the points in the final seconds of the game.

In other matches, Avoca defeated Sts Yellow, Tigers downed Hawks, Bullets Black accounted for Sts Gold and Bullets Green beat Saints.

In under 16 girls, Saints Yellow defeated Scribes.

Scribes’ Kirby Postle and Sophie McQienn handled the ball well assisted by V. Chandler in offence.

Sts Yellow’s Taylor Mason and Irene Dellis combined well top scoring in fast team plays. With good defence by Mikaela Healey and Shanna Kerr, Saints had a comfortable win.

In other games, Hawks defeated 14A Squad, Saints Black was too good for Avoca and Hawks Purple defeated Tigers.

Saints defeated Hawks Purple in under 14 girls. Hawks Purple’s Emma Potter is gaining confidence and played a good offensive and defensive game, top scoring and their was only one point the difference at half time.

In the second half, Saints’ Taylor Mason pushed hard in offence with strong scoring leads to the basket assisted by Shaiden Smith and good team work, Saints won comfortably.

In other matches, Tigers defeated Bullets and Hawks downed Avoca.

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