Saints Black and Bullets Black play exciting draw

In the Maryborough Highland Society Basketball Association open men’s competition last week, Saints Black drew with Bullets Black.
Bullets Black’s Will Short and Matt Cullinan played hard defence. Great three pointer shots by Will Short and Zach Cullinan helped keep Bullets in the match.
Saints’ Caleb Raimondo scored accurately and gained solid support by Dayne Baker in offence. A strong team combination in defence saw the teams equal at the final siren.
In other matches, Scribes proved too good for Tigers Orange, Saints A defeated Avoca, Bullets downed Saints Yellow and Tigers accounted for Saints B.
In the under 16 boys’ competition, Avoca defeated Bullets.
Avoca’s Nathan Field played a great match scoring 17 of his team’s 31 points while Jeffery Jolly and Tom Currie played solid defence to penetrate Bullets’ offence.
Bullets’ Peter Wytkamp and Dylan Kelsall played a good game assisted by Jayden Passalick in offence, helped keep Bullets in the game.
Avoca played smart team plays to take the game by 12 points.
In the other match played, Tigers defeated Saints.
In under 14 boys, Bullets defeated Tigers Orange in a close match.
Jye Mortlock, Reece Perry and Kurt Santon played a strong game for Tigers Orange with good leads to the basket scoring well.
Bullets played a smart offensive game, putting pressure on the Tigers’ defence.
Jayden Passalick played a strong offensive game for Bullets leading to the basket and top scoring.
Good defence by Lachlan Ratcliff, Riley House and Sam Christie assisted Bullets to its win.
In other games, 12A Squad defeated Tigers Black and Saints Yellow downed Scribes.
In the A women’s competition, Saints A defeated Saints Yellow.
Yana and Ingrid Dellavedova combined well in offence to create good scoring opportunities for Saints Yellow, while Bridie Earl and Chelsea Robinson played good defence.
Saints A’s Lenyce Bandy and Laura Clarkson provided fast breaks and strong leads to the basket with Melissa Cornwill playing strong offence scoring accurately for Saints A leading her team to a good win.
In A reserve women, Saints Black defeated Hawks Purple.
Hawks Purple is a young side stepping up into A reserve.
Lauran Wright played a great game top scoring for Hawks Purple with strong drives to the basket.
Kelsey Liddicoat and Shenae Thompson played good defence.
Saints Black combined well with Tammielle Linton and Hayley Burman scoring good baskets assisted by Jenny Mottram with strong rebounds leading Saints Black to a comfortable win.
In the other match, Saints B defeated Avoca.
In B/C women, Bullets Green took the points from Saints Gold in a close match.
Emma Heathcock and Kellie Wright dominated the scoring for Saints Gold.
Breeana Spargo and Courtney Wright combined well in defence to keep the pressure on the Bullets offence.
Bullets Green’s Siew Hwee Chin and Margo Volk played strong defence creating good leads to the basket and scoring opportunities with Jess White, Jenna Cornwill and Pat Pitts taking advantage and shooting accurately for Bullets Green.
In other games, Bullets Black defeated Saints Black, Saints Yellow accounted for Hawks, Aztecs was too good for Bullets Pink and Tigers downed Saints.
In under 16 girls, Saints Black defeated 14A Squad combining strong defence with fast drives to the basket.
Both teams played good defence with 14A Squad’s Renee Herd and Taylor Mason driving hard to the basket creating good scoring opportunities.
Saints Black’s Ingrid Dellavedova played a great game assisted by Shaiden Smith in offence with accurate shooting.
Smart defence by Saints Black saw the team take the points.
In other matches, Saints Yellow downed Hawks Purple and Hawks proved too good for Tigers.
In under 14 girls, Hawks defeated Bullets with strong team combination in both offence and defence.
Bullets’ Sophie Williams played well keeping the pressure on in both offence and defence assisted by Ashleigh Fulford and Briana Norton.
Hawks played a disciplined game with smart team plays creating scoring opportunities for the side. Maddy O’Toole and Makayli Turner top scored for Hawks, assisted by smart defence of Amelia Walker and Ashleigh Pike leading their team to a good win.
In other matches, Saints defeated Tigers and Hawks Purple accounted for Avoca.

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