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There were upsets galore in the Midlands Bowls Association pennant competition on Saturday with Highland Tartan inflicting Avoca Red’s third straight defeat, top side Dunolly Blue going down to Golf Blue and bottom team Dunolly Gold playing a tie with Talbot Gold.
At the Maryborough Highland Society, the Tartans defeated Avoca Red 67-64.
The Highland Tartan team of Max Trainor, Leigh Hunt, Mark Kane and Andy Brumby (skip) played well to win 35-19 and this proved enough in the end.
Avoca Red won the other two contests with Gary Wallis defeating John Simmons 19-15 in a low scoring encounter where shots were a premium while Paul Gothard got up by eight shots in a good performance.
At Dunolly, the visiting Golf Blue side took the game right up to the Blues.
Kevin Prime’s Golf combination had a solid 34-22 victory while Norm Crossley had a great battle with John Tetlow and finally won 26-23.
Dunolly Blue’s Chris Williams was leading well but with one end to play, Golf Blue was five shots up overall.
When Brian Harrop picked up the kitty and put it in the ditch, Dunolly Blue was holding four or five shots and it was game on.
However, with his second bowl, Golf’s Neville Howarth drew to within 40 centimetres of the ditch to have second shot.
Little changed at the head over the next few bowls and after much deliberation, Williams tried to take out Howarth’s bowl but he went wide and it was Golf Blue winning 83-79 in a very high scoring contest.
On the tricky MacLeod Green at Talbot, the home Gold side was host to bottom team Dunolly Gold.
The visitors held sway for most of the day but Talbot Gold was still within reach.
Graeme “Binga” Crossley steered his Talbot side to a strong 12 shot lead while Don Mortlock’s visiting team won 25-17.
Gordon Hiskens had a good afternoon against Paul Adcock and this was the last match finished.
With one end to play, Talbot was trailing by three shots and Hiskens’ side was holding three shots.
However, when the kitty was dragged back, Adcock was holding two or three shots.
With his first bowl, Adcock drew another and it was anyone’s game.
Hiskens just touched a short bowl coming in but finished in the head to be fourth shot and the score overall was tied with Adcock to put down the final bowl.
He couldn’t repeat the performance of his first bowl of the end and ran into a short bowl and it was a tied result at 66 shots each.
Adcock went down to Hiskens 21-25 but the two threes scored on the last couple of ends surely helped Talbot’s cause.
This was a top effort by Dunolly Gold which picked up seven of the 12 points.
However, with Dunolly Blue being beaten, Talbot Gold went to the top of the ladder.

All three games in division two were clear cut with the winners being Golf Gold, Talbot Brown and Dunolly Green.
At Maryborough Golf, the home Gold side outplayed Highland Black to win 83 shots to 57.
Jim Mullane, John Maher, Harry Whiting and Norm Sing (skip) combined well as a team to win 40-17 and Peter Rebbechi steered his side to a solid 24-14 victory.
Highland claimed two points with the 26-19 win of Alan Pike.
Ladder leader Dunolly Green maintained its great form with a 78-59 win over Highland Red.
Keith Mottram won by 14 shots and John Dellavedova 16 in a great effort.
Graeme Robertson of Highland had a tremendous game against Arthur Deason and after the 25 ends won 22-21.
At Newstead, the visiting Talbot Brown side proved too good for the Blues winning 74-61.
Jason Beer, Tim Matthews, Ron Firman and Bill Donlon (skip) won 32-16 to set up Talbot’s win overall.
Brett McCleary had a terrific battle with Col Rogers and finally scraped through 24-23 while Newstead Blue gained two points with the 22-18 win of Ray Young.

in division three Avoca Gold recorded a big 75-43 victory over bottom team Dunolly Red.
Avoca won all three matches with Graeme Raeck up by 11 shots, Ken Lockhart six and Geoff Loosmore 15.
Newstead White was no match for Carisbrook and lost 64 shots to 79.
Carisbrook won two of the three contests with Frank Upson getting home 39-21 and Peter Hooper scraping through by a single shot over Ken Taggart.
Peter Tangey’s team stopped the clean sweep with a 23-19 victory over Lance Graham.
Maldon was too talented for Highland White 72-55 and picked up 10 of the 12 points on offer.
Laurie Brown won 25-16 and Roy Howell 29-16 to get the host team over the line while Laurie Fraser’s team grabbed a couple of points with its 23-18 win.
Golf Green was unable to field a team and had to forfeit to Talbot White.

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