More good rain for Maryborough

Maryborough residents welcomed another higher than average month’s rainfall following July’s total of 58.9

millimetres, exceeding the city’s average of 53.6 mm for the month, measured over 130 years.

Rainfall in July has been higher than average for the past four years, the most being in 2006 with a total of 79.2 mm.

Some moisture fell on 19 days in the month, with the highest fall of 20.4 mm on Sunday, July 12.

Maryborough’s average yearly rainfall recorded over 130 years is 525 mm.

To date, the city’s yearly rainfall amounts to 213.5 mm, less than half the estimated average.

The highest July rainfall on record for Maryborough was 137.9 mm in 1936.

Lowest on record was 2.8 mm in 1900.

Central Highlands Water reports as at August 4, Maryborough’s water storages, Centenary, Talbot and Evansford reservoirs are holding a total of 1812 ML.

Last month the storages held 574 ML, 12.8 percent of their capacity.

This time last year they stood at 30.8 percent full, with 1378 ML in store.

Maryborough’s weekly water usage has been fairly constant for the past month, with residents using between 17.1 and 17.8 ML.

Goulburn Murray Water reports as at August 3, Cairn Curran Reservoir is holding 2737 ML, 1.86 percent of its capacity, up slightly from last month’s level of 2665 ML.

This time last year the reservoir stood at 7172 ML, 4.87 percent of its capacity.

Tullaroop Reservoir is holding 3138 ML, 4.30 percent capacity, also up slightly from last month’s storage of 2886 ML.

At the same time last year the reservoir held 3765 ML.

Laanecoorie Reservoir stands at 593 ML, 7.41 percent of its capacity, also slightly up from last month’s measure of 356 ML.

Wintry weather continued during July, with average daily temperatures around 12°.

Monday, July 20 was the warmest day with the temperature climbing to 17.7°.

Residents shivered on Saturday, July 11 when it reached no more than 10.2°.

Our highest overnight temperature of 7.8° occurred on Wednesday, July 1.

Friday, July 24 began as a very cold morning with -1.3° recorded.

Average overnight temperature for the month was 3.7°.

Maryborough’s highest July temperature recorded over 42 years was on July 30 in 1975 when the mercury reached 22°.

The coldest day on record was on July 30 in 1994 when residents endured a chilly 5.8°.

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