Maxine McKew joins fight to save print jobs

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Maryborough has gained a powerful ally in its fight to retain book printing jobs, with Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development, Maxine McKew, voicing her support this week.

During a meeting with McPherson’s Printing Group managers at the company’s Nelson Street factory on Tuesday, Ms McKew, who defeated former Prime Minister, John Howard at the last Federal Election, advocated her strong

support for the retention of local jobs.

“I will be another voice for the city of Maryborough and its workers,” Ms McKew said.

“Firstly, the most important thing is the retention of these jobs.

“Secondly, as a lover of Australian literature, I want to see a range of rich, diverse titles available to Australian readers.”

During the meeting, Ms McKew also labelled the Productivity Commission’s report on Australia’s parallel import restrictions “bizarre” and said the partnership between McPherson’s Printing and Asteria Services was “fantastic”.

Following the meeting, Ms McKew took a half-hour tour of the factory alongside Federal Member for Bendigo, Steve Gibbons, guided by McPherson’s operations manager, Bill Drummond and human resources and compliance manager, John Jackson.

During the tour, Ms McKew took a keen interest in the printing process and stopped to speak with several local workers.

Mr Gibbons said he and his colleagues who form the committee advising Federal Parliament on the matter of the parallel importation restrictions hoped to be finished their findings later this month, before Federal Parliament makes a final decision on the matter in early September.

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